How can i configure my router or access it using a Nokia C3 phone?

I'm currently connected to my wireless router using my Nokia C3 phone and unfortunately currently i don't laptop or any computer i can use to access my Wireless Router which is DLink, and sometimes my friends visits me and wants to use the internet using their phones but i forgot the wireless connection password and i don't think there is a way to see it in my phone all i see are dots therefore the only option i know is to access my wireless router through my phone but whenever i try to access it it doesn't display a thing... I'm using Nokia Browser and my phone's default browser. Is there any mobile browser that can display the UI of my wireless router?
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  1. If you have access using your C3 then you can change the paaword for your wireless. This time write it on a label and stick it under the router so you can find it in the future.
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