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I am building a new box,and outside of the nightmare of configuring jumperless RAID,I need some insight to the following Operating Sytem dilema.
I installed XP on a new formatted hdd,via a start up disk from WinME.I get a message about "Enabling Large disk support",Says its incompatible with other O.S.,and earlier versions of Windows.I entered "YES",not sure if this is FAT32 related or not.
Windows XP starts installing.I then get a partion screen asking where to load the program.It shows C: as a 2 gig partion,and a section of unpartioned.I partioned all my 40 GIG as C:,so I'm not sure whats happening there.After XP loads,I get a "Driver didn't pass XP Logon" message when trying to load new RAID drivers.Says it needs to reload Windows Drivers.Also get a DLL error message.Now,after all of that,my new 40 gig hdd,shows up as 3 gig.....I know this is a lengthy post,but I'm on my second week getting this system up and running..Thanks in advance.:)

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  1. By choosing YES to enable large disk support, you have indeed selected fat32.
    During the 2nd (or 3rd- cant remember) stage of XP setup, you will be asked to press F* id you have additional scsi cards etc, did you press F8 and install the drivers for your raid controller?
    By the way its much easier to install direct from the xp cd.

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  2. I tried to install the RAID drivers from the Soyo cd after installation.For some reason this did not work.I then tried to install from device manager,the drivers loaded,but I got a "didnt pass logo" message.I installed anyway,and XP blue screened.There are no newer drivers on ther soyo website.The drivers have a XP extension,so maybe I somehow messed up......Been doing that quite a lot lately.

    If ya don't ask..How ya gonna know.
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