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I hear alot of things from different people who "think" they know how to setup their harddrive config's so before I go and turn my system into a turtle Id like some advice. The machine is question is a pure gaming machine. I am running duel 1900+ with a gig of DDR ram. I have TWO WD 7200 drives. Here is how I was told to set it up.

Create a 5 gig system partition. Then on the C: drive turn the rest into a 35 gig used to installing my apps. On the 2nd 40 create 20 for more apps, a 10gig for nothing but storage of music, video, pictures, then 2 5 gigs that would be at the end of the drive for 2 swap files. I was told that the if you allocate more than just one paging file my performance will increase. If anyone has some suggestions I would love to hear it. It sounds like I would be setting up a server with all those partitions, and I dont mind creating that many if it will help performance. Again I dont do any video ediiting with this machine it is solely for gaming and downloading music and buring. I just want the most performance out of my drives. Thank you in advance

PS running XP PRO
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  1. Unless you have a server, you should set the drives up as a striped array (RAID 0) and use a single partition. Use directories to partition your data. You won't see any performance increase by using multiple partitions. Just keep your partition defragged. If you have enough RAM, the pagefile (swapfile) won't even be used except at boot time - XP/2K seem to like to page things out to disk after boot.

    Even in video editing systems multiple partitions are a waste of time - multiple drives or extremely fast RAID arrays can be helpful though.

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  2. Remember a partition for backups.

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  3. Thank you very much for the helpful advice. I thought multiple partitions in a home based gaming machine might be a waste but hey, I wanted to be sure. You say to run raid 0. Are the promise ones any good. I will read through the other posts about the raid cards. There seems to be alot of good advice in other posts from you folks. Thanks again.
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