Looking for new modem, help please?

Hey guys, i'm looking for a new modem to replace my Gigaset SE567, my ISP is Telus, and lately my internet has been super laggy, just playing MW3 and my ping would go in the red section, and i'm not sure what that is number wise, but it must 300+, and when watching videos on youtube, it will be loading the video just fine, but then it will just stop loading the video. I'm really not impressed with these modems, I've gone threw about 5 of them or more, don't really remember. So i'm looking for a replacement, I would like something that will give me NAT type 2 on my ps3, cause as far as I know you can only get NAT type 3 on the SE567. I've tried loads of things, including DMZ and all that fun stuff, with zero success. So if you guys could give me a few modems that work about the same as the SE567, but get me NAT type 2, and don't suck, that'd be awesome.

Thanks for your time :)
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More about looking modem please
  1. Ah yes, one of the worst DSL modems currently manufactured. Have you tried contacting Telus to see if they will issue you a different modem?

    Tech support will not be able to provide you any information to use with your 3rd party modem because it is outside of what they support. If you are DSL only, there is still MAC address registration but it just depends which device needs to be registered. If your modem is just a plain modem, then your router will be the one to get registered.
  2. I actually talked to Telus, and they're sending me an Actiontec V1000H... I've never heard of them, do you know if they're any good?
    Thanks for your reply!
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    Actiontec is generally hit or miss. Some of their stuff is decent, some of it has issues. The V1000H is an N-router, and it should be fine. They are generally fast routers, although some of Actiontec's routers have an issue with Peer to Peer and lots of simultaneous connections (Bittorrent mostly).
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  5. Thank you very much for your help sk1939, the new modem is working fine :)
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