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Good day

I am not very good with networking and I have been reading alot to upgrade my network, I need to ask you some questions that might sound silly to you, but are important for me before I start investing my money.

I am a father of 4 children all 3 use computers which use wired cables, I have also 3 laptops in the household and 6 Smart Phones including 4 tablets. I recently bought a Network Drives something called NAS to store all the data that we have in one place however I am out of ports and also I want to buy 2 streaming devices for my TV and I plan to have them wired to the network

My network atm is, Modem --> Router and 1 Access point connected to the router

From what I understand is I need a switch to connect into the router for more ports, now if I buy a switch which should it be a Layer 2 or 3 switch, cause the salesperson of my NAS said that I need a good switch to get something called link aggregation running on my NAS and that this will speed my file sharing, I want to be able to see all my devices as well so they need to be in the same IP family

My 2nd question is I was told that if I had a large number of connections with of my children use heavy demanding applications like torrents and that I need a very good router to manage all the traffic, I read somewhere that a good router with 128MB of memory should be good enough so that NAT won't get overloaded, I don't know which to choose and is it possible to buy one without wireless connection since I already have an access point. I also usually have family come over every week and they usually bring their tablets and smartphones and use my connection so I want to take this into consideration when buying a new router.

1 last thing, I want to be able to block certain laptops/computers from the net (Its the new age of grounding children :D ) is this possible? and where is it done from the switch or router? if its possible to monitor how much internet they used in a week or a month also that would be perfect

Sorry for the long question, but I want to get this right.
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    You don't need a new router unless you want to access the NAS from the internet. What you need is a managed switch, that supports LACP. You really don't need a layer 3 switch unless you plan to have multiple networks and such.

    This one would work nicely for your needs:


    If you need more ports, consider this one:
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