So anyone else having problems with their battery life?

Microsoft's Windows 7 is sucking the life out of laptops and netbooks at a faster rate than its predecessors, according to computer users who posted their complaints on a support forum maintained by the software maker.

Some users are complaining that the operating system is draining their batteries at an alarming rate, while others say the OS is issuing false alerts, warning them that their batteries are about to run dry despite having a full charge.

"Unbelievable!" wrote forum member RVBoston, in a post Wednesday. "It is Feb 2010, so this issue is already 8 months old and no fix from MS?"


All I know is that I've experienced this with my Dell XPS M1330, when I used RC on it, and when I switched it to Professional. It's been telling me to replace my battery!
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  1. Luckily I haven't on my Toshiba. Actually, in comparison to Vista, which originally came on it, I'd say that the battery life has improved.
  2. Does Windows 7 keep on reading your laptop's hard drive? That's what I think is causing the shorter time battery life on my end, but then again maybe it's because I'm still using Windows 7 RC.
  3. Not that I have noticed, at least by looking at the LED HDD indicator light. My guess is that it is an issue with certain brands of HDD's, but I'm probably wrong. Do you plan on buying the RTM before it starts the whole shutting down every 2 hours thing or reverting back to XP or Vista?
  4. I'm set on buying Home Premium, maybe Professional. Whatever happens, I'll have to do a reformat anyway. Based on what you've said, I'm assuming you've bought and stuck with 7?
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