No sound in 98SE

SOLTEK SL-75DRV2 (KT266A) with onboard AC97 sound
AMD XP1600
MAXTOR 40GB 7200RPM Hard drive (IDE)
ATI Radeon 32MB DDR 4X AGP Video Card
Logitech Z-340 3 Piece Speaker System
Antec 400W power supply
Dell 17” flat screen CRT monitor

This system is dual booted to 98SE and 2000 pro. The sound works fine in 2000, and 98 recognizes the AC97 sound, but will not load the drivers from either the disk that came with the mobo or downloaded from Microsoft or Via. I’ve read that some O/S just don’t like onboard sound, so I bought a CREATIVE LABS SOUND BLASTER AUDIGY card. The first couple times I started in 98, it froze at the Windows 98 screen during the boot process. After that, the monitor never recognized the PC was on, the monitor just had a note that the monitor was in power save mode and that I should turn the PC on. I tried starting 2000 with the sound card in and it froze at the Windows screen during the boot too. Any suggestions?
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  1. Try turn off the onboard sound in BIOS.
  2. Already did. Any other suggestions?
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