How to run motorola sbg6580 with a netgear wndr4500 router?

I have time warner internet service and just upgraded my service to their extreme internet. In doing so I had to change my modem to a docis 3.0 modem; the motorola sbg6580. Its a modem that has a router and wifi built in but its really bad and not nearly as good as my net-gear router.

I'm good with computers but I'm fairly fresh when it comes to networking so I was wondering if someone could tell me if its posible to hookup my motorola modem to my net gear router? And if it is, what steps should I take? I searched a little bit online but couldn't exactly figure it out.

Thanks so much for your help. :-)
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  1. you are better of with a MOTOROLA SB6121 or SB6120 modem
  2. I know that but time warner does not allow use of those modems or else I would buy one.

    This is the approved list for my area:
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    I am in the OC and use a Motorola 6121 with TimeWarner Cable and I just installed it last month after my ZOOM modem died. all I did was call TWC and had them add the modem's MAC address to my account and test it. They did not ask even ask me what model it was

    they list the new SB6141 which I believe is the followup model of the SB6121
  4. I have an sb1620 which I'll give a try and activate with time warner right now. I hope it works.
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  6. I called time warner and I used my own modem and it works perfect. I wonder why they have an approved list if I can use any modem.

    Anyways...Thanks so much I really appreciate it.
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