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Does anyone know where I could find a portable laptop rack, that can attach to racks within a telecommunications room.

I am getting sick of holding my laptop in my hand when there is no surface to rest it on near by.
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  1. Use a keyboard rack, you probably have some you are not using. Or do a web search for "server rack trays"
  2. I'd like one that I could easily carry with me from place to place. We have a lot of telecom rooms that are just a few racks, no keyboard trays or anything.
  3. You can't really carry a rack tray around and they don't make any light-weight add-ons for server racks. Maybe this

    Although it's nothing you can hook up to the rack.
  4. Hmmm be nice if it attached to the rack.

    I seen a guy that had one, it only weighed a few pounds and collapsed up. It just tightened to the rack using to clips that you could loosen and unloosen. It was more than strong enough to hold a laptop on it. I asked where he got it but I cant remember what he said.
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