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So I've been having this really weird connection issue with my router, the connection going to my computer is wired, and anytime I start downloading @ extremely fast speeds, my router seems to cut the connection for like 5 seconds, then come back up. If I'm downloading a game from Steam, or even from a website if it breaks 2MB/Sec(This is my max speed give or take) my connection just stops.

My router is using factory settings.

This doesn't happen if I plug straight to my cable modem, and if I don't break the 2MB barrier it doesn't happen at all, IE if I never download anything large/fast I can go about my business and it never dips off.

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  1. The WRT54GS, always gave me issues. do yourself a favor and go with another brand of router. If you remove the router and the issue dosen't happen then you know for sure it's something in the router. The only thing that comes to mind is that it's throttling bandwidth somehow like you have a limit set somewhere.

    example of this would be if you had roomates and one of them loved to torrent, you could set it up so that he only have like 20% of the bandwidth to hog while you had the other 80% or so etc.. Unless you've done this I doubt it's the case. Also have you tried resetting everything to defaults?
  2. So I might as well share my resolution for this. :)

    Changing the MTU setting from (1500)Auto->Manual and lowering it to 1400 resolved my issue.

    Basically the WRT54GS has low RAM and when you max out your connection on them it causes them to drop for 3-5 seconds every time.
  3. So in " tweaking" your modem you brokeded it ? :D
  4. No, actually the factory setting was Auto(1500). X_X

    Lowering it to 1400 manually made it stop dropping my connection.
  5. Man sounds like you need to yell at your isp :P
  6. Err, no, we went through this in the first post, doesn't happen without the router, and other routers don't have the issue, it's the WRT54GS.
  7. I'm saying, your ISP is limiting your MTU - it shouldn't be an issue if the router defaults to 1500. That's an ISP thing.
  8. >.> But my other router is also default to 1500 and it doesn't happen.
  9. interesting.
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