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Updated Laptop to 4GB but is still to slow to play Runescape

:pfff: I'm using a Windows 7 64-bit Laptop that originally had 2GB and I updated it a few months ago to 4 GB so that I could play Runescape.
strange thing is that it's still extremely laggy and I don't have a virus and I have even did a factory image restore but nothing seems to work.

My question is, could there be any settings that I am suppose to update along with installing the 4GB?
I'm not very tech savy, thanks! :(
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  1. RAM does nothing for games except for load times (starting the game and loading save games). It slows you down if you barely have enough to run Windows properly, but won't speed the game up (add frames per second) if you aready have enough RAM, which you did with 2GB. 2GB is fine on anything but Vista. While 4GB+ is better than 2GB on Windows 7 64 bit, it still isn't so bad that its slows games down. Maybe if you were playing Skyrim with the HD texture pack, but not Runescape.

    I'm guessing the problem you have is

    1) your laptop probably has a slow integrated graphics chip, like an Intel GMA or HD. That can't be changed or improved. You have to buy a laptop with a decent dedicated graphics card built in from the start, or you be forever limited on gaming. There is videos on youtube showing Intel GMAs running Runescape very choppy, so this is likely the case

    2) If you have a decent graphics chipset, then it could be an Antivirus programs slowing you down. Kaspersky Pure, Norton Internet Security, and some others slow down machines quite a bit


    3) Don't run on battery and make sure your power profile is set to High Performance, so your CPU isn't slowed by Windows to save power.
  2. Besides the 4GB of RAM? What CPU and graphics does that laptop have?
    Those are the parts that pretty much determine what games you can run, and how well they run.
  3. Hello,

    Thank you both but how do I check my CPU and graphics card?
  4. To get specific details use the System Information app.
    Open the Start Menu using the Windows key or click open the Start Icon.

    In the Search bar at the bottom type in: System Information

    In the System Information app look up and list the info for:
    System Manufacturer / System Model / Processor

    Next, click on Components on the left side and then the Display sub-category.
    List the info for Display Adapter Description.

  5. Runescape is more CPU is bound and is coded for like 1 thread. On MAX setting at 1680 x 1050 I get 25-50 fps. Keep in mind I have a i5 2400 with a 6870 and 8gb RAM. Java is also pretty RAM heavy. As long as you do not have integrated graphics, you should be OK but do not expect absolutely lag free gameplay.
  6. Thank for the helpful post everyone!

    This is what I found under Display.

    Name AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics
  7. Adapter Description AMD Radeon HD 6250 Graphics

    was all we needed.

    What about the CPU?
  8. Hello,

    It says rating 2.8
    AMD C-50 Processor 1.00 GHz

    Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.60 GB usable)

    64-bit operating system
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    Looks like you have a 'Netbook and not a laptop.
    That's just a guess - since you didn't list the make and model of what ever you have.

    That's one very, very weak CPU.

    So it's not so strange after all that you game is laggy. It was never the amount of RAM installed. It was the weak CPU and to a lesser extent a weak graphics chip.
  10. Ok thank you and yes it's a Netbook even though the website I bought it from said Laptop.
    Three more questions...
    Is there anyway I could buy a better graphics chipset?
    I'm using PNY 4GB RAM could I combined a HP 1GB module with it to increase speed?

    Thank you for your patience and help!! :D
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  14. You would need to list the make and model of that 'Netbook for me to know how much more you can upgrade the RAM. But I don't recommend changing anything. It won't make a difference to overall performance.

    No way to upgrade the graphics or CPU on that 'Netbook.
    It's an 'APU' - meaning its a combined CPU/GPU on the same chip.

    AMD C-Series C-50 Ontario APU review
  15. Here is a diagram of the AMD Ontario APU compared to the Intel ATOM CPU.
    Both have dual core CPUs and on CPU die Graphics. HD 6250 for AMD and GMA 3150 for Intel.
    Overall, AMD Ontario APUs like the C-50/C-60 perform better than the same priced Intel ATOM CPU.
  16. Ok thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it!
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