No Internet access until I reset AP

I have been having this problem for a long time and it is driving me crazy. I hope you can help me solving this.

- ISP router (Vigor)
- LAN router Linksys E4200 (wifi off)
- wifi AP (MINITAR)

Internet connection is routed from ISP router to Linksys and from there via LAN to our desktop PCs and to the AP for WLAN.


Default gateway:
IP of AP:
IP of Linksys:
DHCP range: .11-.60


ISP router: OFF
Linksys: ON - Lease time set to default "0" - one day

MAC Filtering:
ISP router: off
Linksys: off

The problem:

I turn on my notebook's or HTC phone's wifi and I with the notebook, I get only ""limited network access" without internet connection and with the phone, it keeps obtaining IP in a loop without success.


I tried to reset Linksys router - did not help.

I tried to reset the AP - THIS HELPED.

So, every time the problem occurs, and it measn a few times per week, I have to reset the AP by unplugging it from power or via the web interface (accessing via my desktop PC (LAN network).

What do you think could be causing this?? I have tried to increase the lease time but it only postponed the problem to later but have not solved it.

Should I replace the AP for a new device?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. Why are you using the AP, and not just using the E4200 wireless?

    Do you have the AP address set as a reserved dynamic address in the E4200 settings? If not, either do that or set the AP address to a static address outside the DHCP assignment range.
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