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I am thinking of buying windows 7 ultimate oem and I was wondering if I can put it on one computer and then put it on a different one.
I know someone who has used one cd key and one full instal disk to instal windows on multiple computers using one cd key, and I was wondering if I could do that but with an oem copy. I read that if you replace the motherboard it becomes invalid because it is tied to the MB.
but I just want one straight answer, Can I instal windows using the oem and then put it on a different computer. (ex once on my desktop once on my laptop or a future upgraded desktop)
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  1. Hello stealer0517;

    OEM doesn't work that way. It's just the one computer. In case of a MB failure you can work with MS to find a way to use your valid license key on the repaired system.

    That 'someone' who used his license key on multiple computers? His key won't work once it gets noticed as a pirate key. And not least, it's illegal.

    Retail version - it's portable. You can move it from one computer to the next.
    But you can't use it on your PC AND on your Laptop at the same time.
  2. Hell it worked I don't know if its the fact that is a laptop key or (I think) Toshiba puts it that way
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