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Hi there,

Im at my wits end with an internet issue. I have several laptops in the house that have had no issues but my desktop seems to have intermittent connection issues. I ended up formatting and reinstalling windows, reinstalling LAN drivers, Ive tried swapping the ethernet cables from the desktop to the wall and the wall to the router and still no luck, all to no avail. So, I think Ive narrowed the problem down to either the wire in the wall (house isnt even 6 months old), the router (brand new and installed with completion of home), or the NIC (Ive pinged loopback when it has gone down and everything looked good, so i dont think its the NIC).

Before I formatted, the internet connection would fail every five to ten minutes, after I formatted it seems to be ok, however when I put a heavy load on the internet connection (ie installing several games on steam, netflix) the connection goes down until i shut some of it down. The issue is very annoying as movies on netflix get paused for 1-5 minutes at a time.

Id like to try adding a NIC card but would rather not spend the money if it can be helped (I realize theyre uber cheap, but so am I)

Is there a way to check the wire in the wall for issues/poor installation, check the router for a failing ethernet port/issues, or check the NIC for issues?

Any other ideas as to what the issue might be caused from?

heres my build if that helps at all:
800 watt xfx psu
xfx 750i mobo (with integrated potentially defective NIC)
2x 2 gig sticks of centon ram
2x Nvidia 9800 gt gpus
intel q9400 cpu
nvidia edition cooler master case

thanks much,
Jon Hayhoe
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  1. since you said your are uber cheap, you might have to work for it. Move your computer close to the router and plug it in directly to the router, or run a ṻber long cable from the router to your computer.

    This will tell you if the port or the cable in the wall is bad.
  2. okay, sorry bout the wait. So I disconnected the computer, monitor, etc and dragged them into the room with the router and connected it straight up to the router. And the same issue persists. My next step is to try disconnecting this laptop from wifi, hook it up to the router and see if it quits on me then. If the problem happens on this laptop ill call the ISP and have one of the techs come out and replace the router. Is this the logical path? anything else i should be trying?

  3. Nop that are the steps I would take, too.

    good luck
  4. okay... still at a loss, hooked up laptop directly to router and internet crashed again, got a new router and the problem persists. Ive also in the mean time checked the wiring in the wall and its perfectly punched in for 568a on both ends. Ive ALSO tried port forwarding and still... :( any other ideas?
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