Setting up a wireless network--help

I have an Acer netbook with an internel Broadcomm network adapter which shows a signal strength of around -35 dBm from my home Netgear wireless router as shown by the InSSIDer program.

I have recently bought a TP-Link WN722N USB wireless adpater which is supposed to be a HIGH GAIN device.

When I turn off the internal wirelss adapter and switch to the external USB one, the signal strength drops to -50 dBm which is less that the internel wirelsss adapter if I am reading it correctly.

So either the internal adapter is working really, really well or the TP-Link adapter isn't working as it should be.

Anyone care to comment ?
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  1. Maybe because the antennas for laptops are typically built into the monitor portion of the device. So you have a higher signal vs the little antenna with the TPlink.

    Just a guess.
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