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I am having trouble with my home network and would like some advice. Currently I am using a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem, a Juniper firewall, Cisco switch and a linksys wireless router.

Our network is split between two floors of the house. Downstairs is where the internet comes in a the firewall/switch are located. The wireless router is upstairs and is connected to the switch via ethernet.

Currently, the downstairs network is on and the upstairs router is

My issue is not being able access the two networks from each other. Both have internet access just fine. I am not able to access the wireless router from downstairs, or any of the computers attached to it. The same applies upstairs, not being able to access the firewall or computers downstairs.

I have looked into subnetting and some other networking basics but really am just confused at how everything works. Should I change the subnet mask on both networks to (/16) or what?

I really appreciate any and all advice out there you may have. I can certainly provide more details if needed but I wanted to keep the post as simple and straight forward as possible for now.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Thank you for the reply, emerald. I can certainly see how this is a viable option to solve my problem.

    However, am I wrong in thinking there is a way to have it work the way things are already setup? I understand there needs to be some configuration changes to do so if I am right. This is where I would like help.

    Logically, all the computers are connected together physically, I just need to get them to see each other virtually. I was thinking maybe working with the routing tables on the firewall or router would do the trick?

    Here is a rough layout of the network topology:


    Everything has access to the internet, I am just unable to access the router from the switch, or the switch from the router. Interestingly enough, I enabled web access on the router and I can access it via the ip assigned from the DHCP server on the firewall (

    Thanks again!
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