Using a Secondary Router to Report WAN IP Using DDNS

I have an installation where the ISP supplied router does not have DDNS capabilities and there are no computers running 24/7 to load a DynDNS client on. I am trying to install a Netgear RP614 router with DDNS enabled as a WAN IP address reporting appliance. The Netgear router sends out the local IP address (ie-, instead of the WAN IP address. What am I doing wrong?
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  1. what router did your ISP provide?

    does the appliance support DDNS? (make sure it is Static IP) seems to be the WAN IP of your second router, did you try to enter that IP into the DMZ of the main router?
  2. I do have the Netgear router assigned to a static IP address on the LAN. I was wondering if assigning the DMZ to that IP address would work. Does the DMZ bypass the modem's built in router completely, accessing the internet directly via the same WAN address assigned by the ISP? Unfortunately I won't be on-site to try things for a few days. The modem/router supplied by the ISP is a Westell/Netgear 7500 with ISP tailored GUI. I can get into all of the settings but there is no DDNS section in programming.
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