Too much Nero?

Hi, my last computer tech meant well and when he revamped my laptop he put all kinds of programs on there.
For example I count in programs and features, 29 Nero programs on my machine. I have never used Nero but since he installed all these programs, I assume that one day Nero might become important to me.
But maybe I have ' overkill ' , questions is what Nero is suggested as being indispensable?
I feel that I need to clean house and dump all unnecessary programs but do not know which Nero to keep!
Please, any suggestions for me? Many thanks in advance- A.
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  1. NERO is typically burning/video player software, I personally don't use any NERO products and see no issues with un-installing/removing ALL of it.
    It's probably just bloat ware and is all just un-needed garbage that is cluttering up your PC.

    If you do however need a cd/dvd burning program I would recommend 'CD Burner XP' it's free and very simple to use.
  2. I've only ever had issues with Nero TBH.

    +1 CDBurnerXP
  3. Imgburn is the best and FREE!

    Imgburn ^

    Nero is another name for bloatware.
  5. I don't burn CDs anymore but Nero has a great utility for evaluating those provided by various manufacturers. You should look through the various programs to see if any have any interest to you. Audio or TV recording might be aided for example. Uninstall should provide the option to disable or uninstall some. Most likely it is bloatware these days for most people.
  6. Thanks to all of you who replied. It really helped to clarify the situation. Since that time however, it has been a long and winding road! I began immediately to uninstall all the nero programs; this went smoothly until the last one called Nero multimedia suite 10 platinum hd 10.5.10000. This would not uninstall. I decided that I would have to live with it in my computer until I noticed that it took up more memory than all the other programs combined! 2.5 gig. I therefore wrote to Nero and asked for help. They recommended a link with a download for Windows. In the meantime, I had gone back and restored the system and unfortunately all the other Nero programs came back! To cut to the chase here, I was able to uninstall the pesky multimedia suite and then go through all the uninstalls over again. Wow! No more Nero on my machine! If, by chance this story helps anyone else, I will be glad and willing to send more details if contacted- Cheers- kinpurnie
  7. I too have spent countless hours trying to reconfigure/update & delete Nero (versions 10, 11 & 12 in particular).

    The OEM versions seem to be the worst offenders (versions 8 & upward), normally bundled with other software or hardware (CD writer etc...).

    These versions entice the user to try their product, but often lack some key features that interested you in the 1st place!

    So, then you try to update the software, hoping that this will fix the problem, this only makes things worse as the updates are designed to get their latest prized version on your machine (this could be upwards on 2Gig!).

    So, now you have an array of media-type software on your PC that has limited functionality until you purchase a registration code...when all you wanted was an audio burner for your mp3's & a cover designer for your track listing!

    Anyway, I have finally reverted back to good ol' Nero 8 Essentials (which handles just that fine!) after spending at least 4 hours trying to uninstall versions 10, 11 & 12 with Advanced System Care & Glary Utilities, Nero General CleanUp Tool, killing the NASvc.exe process in startups & even hard-deleted the corresponding folders from Program Files folder!

    Seriously, WTF has happened to Nero??? It should not take longer to uninstall a piece of software than it takes to install it! :pt1cable:

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