Left spkr sound works only when plug moved out

This problem arose out of the blue. I've been using a SBL-Value trouble free for a couple of years, until today. I just finished a fresh install of Win2K & noticed my left headphone speaker wasn't working. Even with the volume cranked, all I can hear is a barely audible crackling sound > kinda like a blown speaker would sound. I tried plugging in my speakers instead, but this yielded the same results.
Changing drivers doesn't help. I have double checked all wiring/connections (speakers too) as well. The only time I hear sound from the left speaker is if I pull back (out) the plug (speaker or headphone) slightly. Then both speakers work, but the sound does not sound "natural". If I push the plug all the way into the jack, the right sound is fine, but left sound no worky.

Any advice would be most appreciated.



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  1. have you tried the headphones in antoher device? Try this first. If they work normally then you have a connection problem inside the headphone jack of the soundcard. A can of electrical contact cleaner should take care of the problem.

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