All burner cant burn a cd at max speed?

Hello, i recently brought a sony 175e 24 write 10 rewrite, 40 Read. It happen to be errors when i burn 24x back to back, I found out info that the cd burner cannot burn back to back at full speed, e.g if i wanted to burn 4 cd i had to burn: 16x, 20x, 24x. 16x. IS that true? i have heard also people saying that you cant burn the full speed u should burn slower at e.g 20. But if i tried 20x back to back will they all fail?, i have alrdy tried all burning at 16x they dont seem to fail.

Can anyone give their views and tell me what should i do?
Thank you :-)
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  1. This shouldn't be a problem. You should be able to burn at full speed back to back if you wanted as long as your both your burner and media are certified for it.

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  2. Hello i have this problem with my cd burner unable to burn top speed back to back! i have a sony 175e 24 write 10 re-write and 40 read, Iam using MR.DATA cd's 1-24x reading compatiability. I burn the first cd ok, then the second cd a writing error, i have tried using burner to dma and i also tried pio. Could this be the cd? using pio i burn every data cd ok on hd at 24x tried 3 cd in a row a-ok. Then i try burning VCD on fly i get a writing error, but when i burn at 16x everything is ok !

    So can someone help me
  3. any CD burner faster than about 16x doesnt burn all the cd at its fastest setting.
    due to the cd disk, its impossible to spin the cd fast enough when burning at the start of the media (inside of disk). so the drive will start at 16, then work its way up to the maximum speed somewhere between 1/3 and 2/3 of the way through the disk.

    if your not overburning, and you have 24x certified media, there is no reason why you cant burn at 24x.

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