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I have a unique situation and I would welcome some help. Lastnight I power cycled my cable modem, and router in an attempt to get a Slingbox to work. What ended up happening is that after the modem and router came back online all the computers on my wired home network changed their default gateway to the IP of the modem and not the router. Two of the computers are fixed now, but one of the laptops is still not able to get to the internet using DHCP. I can use a static IP with the correct default gateway for the router, and succesfully get to the internet, but then I can't see my server on my netowrk. And the same is true in reverse, in order to see my server I have to go back to DHCP, but I can't get on the internet.

Please Help

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  1. Check your settings on your router and modem, it sounds like the default is for the modem to be the default gateway, and possibly the DHCP server.
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