Wifi streaming video issues LG TV...don't know where to turn...

I have spent 4 hours on the phone with an LG tech, 8 hours total with Linksys (router) and 2.5 hours with Time Warner Cable (internet). No once can figure out why I can't stream movies to the TV. I continue to get choppy signal when trying to stream through the router which is a linksys E4200 router that has the ability to connect a LAN external hard drive.

I'm getting download speeds on speedtests of 25mb down and close to 2mb upload from the Time Warner Cable.

I've tried hooking the external drive up to the router and tried sending the movie wirelessly, no luck. Choppy buffering and it loses connection. The router is literally 25 feet from the TV, with a clear line of sight.

I then tried hooking the router hard wiring it straight to the TV and moved the cable modem to the TV so everything was directly connected to the TV. It was a little better, but still choppy video and lost connection.

I finally got frustrated and plugged the external hard drive directly into the TV, and that solved the issue. No buffering or issues.

I need to figure out what I need to do in order to be able to stream these files over the internet. I shouldn't be having any issues streaming it to the TV when it is directly hard wired through the router, which is hard wired through the LAN port on the TV. The only difference here is that instead of the usb external drive being hooked up directly itself, it channels it through the router first. The router should be more than capable of allowing the video to stream across it, especially when I'm getting the speeds that I have.

Please help me! Everyone seems to keep pointing the fingers at each other...the cable company says call the router people, the router people tell me to call LG....LG tells me to call the cable company.

On a side note, I've also been trying to use NERO when streaming which is LG's software. Recognized everything fine...but just won't stream without issues.

I don't think it's a transcoding issue, as the movie plays fine when directly connected to the usb port on the TV. The file format isn't the issue.

I thought that perhaps the slow computer speed was causing it to buffer and get choppy, however, it still is choppy even when connected from the router which is hooked up directly to the TV hardwired, so it doesn't even go through the computer at all.

The movies I'm trying to stream are high quality and are large files, but again, they play fine when hard connected to the usb port on the TV.

Is there some settings I can change in the router? I don't know where to turn. All I know is that for the money I'm spending for this network, it should be able to stream movies.

A little more info...

I tried using VUDU (like netflix) and tried streaming when the router was connected to the computer. Using wifi, I kept getting the choppy signal, and speed tests would fluctuate 5 - 7 mbs at a time either up or down, so there's obviously some sort of wifi interference that I'm getting. Got frustrated with that so I moved the router and modem over to the TV and the signal and speed test no longer fluctuated...which solved that issue.

What type of bandwith do I need in order to be able to stream high quality video? With the external hard drive hooked through the router which is directly connected, why is this an issue? The hard drive works fine when directly connected?

Please help. Just for info purposes here is what I'm working with:

LG 55lw5600 tv
Linksys e4200 router with updated firmware
Western Digital Essentials Hard Drive 500gb

...the LG wifi lan adapter was a piece of trash and I pretty much realize that I'm going to end up having to be hard wired, unless someone can help me figure out why we are getting this interference? LG says there is no way to test the usb dongle adapter, but I would imagine since it connects to the wifi, shouldn't it be able to stream movies and video?
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  1. Have to use 5gh wifi to stream hd video. What app on tv do you use to watch your files on hdd, while connected to router?
  2. I have the same thing with the LG 42LS5700. Basically look like the video buffers, but it actually does the same off the USB device. I disabled truMotion and it seemes to be better, but I just started again, it's driving me nuts

    At First I though it was because of Wifi , so I updated the router firmware... Then the TV Firmware and no luck. it's still choppy (Well not really choppy every 30 seconds it kinda tries to Resynch. Makes watching video painful

    I'm running Plex Media server off a Quad core opteron with 16G of Ram so i'm pretty sure the server is not an Issue.

    Does anyone know any other setting that could cause this (Ihave played with Mpeg noise reduction in the TV setting , but it seems to be intermittent, sometimes it's better sometimes not.

    Does anyone else have an 42LS5700 on which video playback is flawless either from USB or Wifi/Lan

    Thanks !
  3. Hi xx-viper. I have got it sorted after ringing LG, there is nothing wrong with TV, you have to get new router, that's what I did anyway. I have upgraded my netgear N600 WIRELESS DUAL BAND GIGABIT ADSL2+ MODEM ROUTER
    DGND3700, which claims to have HD streaming, however upgrading to N750 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit DSL Modem Router DGND4000 fixed all problems, it claims multi-HD-streaming and has 128mb flash and 128 RAM. Also make sure streaming is on 5gh band for LG TV. I did not like Plex, due to PC has to be constantly on, so I've got external HD connected to the router via USB, works fine and can get any data from there worldwide. Good Luck
  4. Hi !!! So, I get choppy signal when trying to stream video through router in spite of file size, file type (MPEG-4 AVC, 1296 kbit/s, 720x304) - specialy short size for checking wifi streaming.

    My router has two connections: 2.4GHz 300Mbps and 5GHz 867Mbps. I use for TV only 5GHz 867Mbps connection, 2.4GHz connection for other devices.
    I download films on PC and after share them by Smart Share programm - just sharing without direct playing of video. Then I play films on TV by the SMart Share application on TV side. First of all, I test my film (rewind the video forward, watching from middle, to the end of the film, again, again) and just after I watch it. So, everything goes normally, without lags. But after 30-40 min starts chopping, starts loading. Okay, the loading process approx. 3-7 sec per 40 min... but after it continues more frequently!!! Some times TV shows that WiFi network is low quality or network is not avaliable.

    My actions:

    1) I try to connect to the network by smartphone, but on 2.4Ghz connection, works perfectly
    2) I try use LAN internet by PC - works perfectly
    3) I try to use youtube appliaction on TV - chopping...
    4) I try to close Smart Share on PC - the application slows down, I use "x" button - does not react. Okay, I try to use PC programmms, to use browser, to play video - works perfectly, but Smart Share slows... freezing... and does not react on my actions. Then I use Task manager for killing Smart Share process.

    Perhaps, the root cause is in my PC... but PC charasteristics allows and has the ability for streaming video and not only 720x304 )))) ...
    Also, the distance between router and TV is approx. 3 meters.

    What I am doing wrong ? P.S.: before last router I had "tp -ink wr740n" and "Mikrotik mikrotik 951-2n" + I had not used some PC monitorings applications (temperature, processes e.t.c)
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