Windows 7 oem service pack compatible with newly built pc

Hi, im building a pc at home and i was wondering whether to get windows 7 retail or sindows 7 oem. The oem version is cheaper at 70 but it said service pack so can i use it on my homemade pc? Soz if this is nooby.
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  1. It includes the first service pack for Windows 7 which is a good thing!
  2. So I can install windows 7 on my pc which has no os?
  3. Sure can OEM is a full install not an upgrade.
  4. OEM is the same as Retail except that the license is for the original machine it is installed on and once that MOBO is retired the license for WIN7 also expires. So if you plan on using it only for this system then getting OEM will be fine -- If you plan to change systems later and want to continue to use the same OS then get the retail version as it can be moved to as many systems as you want as long as you only use it on one system at a time (thus the reason it is more costly)
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