This "unidentified network" just showed up one day. I don't know where it came from.
It prevents my regular network from connecting to the internet. Then I disable the Nvidia....
and my regular net work functions fine.
How can I permanetly disable or get rid of this Nvidia thing. Thanks Donna
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  1. Many questions come to mind, do you have an Nvidia chipset motherboard and an onboard NIC plus a card addon NIC ? You can delete the unkown network from network connections.
  2. I don't have the expertise to answer your questions. I'll probably call Dell, yet again! thanks anyway donna
  3. You can look under "Specifications" on Dell's website and see how many or if there is an onboard NIC. If disabling the onboard helps, go to BIOS and permanently disable the NIC there, it will never re-install in windows again.
  4. I think I can follow this ...I'll go to the website and look that up...if needed I"ll get Dell support to help me. They owe me cos they said they fixed the problem -- NOT
    thanks donna
  5. Who is Donna ?
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