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Hi, I've been reluctant to post my query as there is a plethora of info about my question online and I don't want it to appear as though I'm lazy and haven't looked, however everything I've found assumes some kind of prior knowledge. I have practically NO knowledge of networking! So I've been tearing my hair out trying to get this darn thing sorted but to no avail :-(

So, I've bought a Samsung BD-E5500 blu ray player which has internet capability either through ethernet or a Samsung wireless adapter. I am not willing to spend an extra £40-£70 on an adapter and obviously don't relish the idea of running a very long cable to my router upstairs. However the general concensus is that it's possible to take a cable out of the ethernet and into a wireless AP or router, using it as a bridge to the main wireless router. So I have tried this and failed, of course not having a clue as to what I'm really doing. I have a Netgear ME102 access point which the player can't seem to get on the network with at all and also I have tried using a Belkin F5D7632 wireless router. Now, with the Belkin router the player does say that it can access the network, however it says that it cannot access the internet. The wireless router that I have upstairs is an O2 Wireless Box 3 (Thomson).

What I'm hoping is that there might be a kind person who can give me a step-by-step bluffers guide as to what to do, as I really am clueless :-(
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  1. if your main router uses WEP with 128-bit encryption, WPA or WPA2 wireless mode, the Netgear ME102 will not work. It will only work with WEP 64-bit encryption

    and the Belkin F5D7632 since it is a ADSL router it will most likely not be able to be used either.
  2. Hi thanks for the response. Right, so presumably with regards to the Netgear I'd need to lower my encription on my main to WEP 64-bit, which I imagine isn't an ideal solution. I know it's an old AP so I figured that maybe it wouldn't be suitable, but was worth a shot seeing as it was just lying around doing nothing.

    The Belkin can be configured to be used as a bridge and apparently can be used in the manner in which I want (although this is only according to what I've found elsewhere, I woudn't really know one way or the other). Bearing in mind that 1) I know nothing beyond the absolute basics about networking and 2) I keep finding conflicting info, ie 'No a bridge won't work, it has to be an AP' and then 'No, an AP won't work, it has to be a bridge' I haven't found much that's been of any real help.

    So if it's really not possible to use either of the methods that I've been trying so far, what DO I in fact need (ruling out a ridiculously-overpriced Samsung dongle)?
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