American IT Solutions Provider for Italian Office

I'm looking for an American or British IT Solutions Provider that has an Italian presence for a Roman branch office of an American organization.
We need a network evaluation, diagramming, and proposal for several infrastructure upgrades. The proposal needs to be articulated according to an American business model... with a network map, product proposals and documentation articulating features and system integration.
We would hope to implement a solution toward the beginning of the next FY. If you have any suggestions in this area, that be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Well there are a couple organizations that come to mind:

    Force 3 SRL
    Dell Computer Italia S.p.A.
    Primus Telecommunications S.r.l.
    MCI International S.r.l.

    Those are the only one's I can think of, and I believe MCI is the only one in Rome, the others are HQ'd in Milan.
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