Window 7 (64x) cant detect 802.11N wireless

Hello there,
Im using window 7 64x with Netgear WND R3300 router to connect to internet. I bought 1 PCIe wireless adapter card

and 1 USB wireless adapter ( Mini wireless N speed USB adapter)

They both said to be compatible with window 7 64x. They do, however, i CAN NOT see any of the N-wireless. The NETGEAR WND R3300 create 2 wireless connection ( one is G and the other is N). My computer is always able to detect the G-wireless but it can never detect the N wireless ( THERE IS NO N-wireless connection in the Available network board). I tried to update driver and everything but it seems hopeless. This is a new built desktop by the way.

I was able to detect the N wireless with my macbookpro; however, when i switched to window 7 on that macbook, i couldnt see the N wireless as well.
So, i thought it has something to do with window 7 since all drivers are up to date. Please help me fix this issue. My G-wireless is really really slow ( about 2 mbps) while the N is around 16 mbps. My work requires high speed internet , this is really killing me.
Any help would be appreciate it. Thank you for reading this.
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  1. Your router will transmit one 2.4 ghz band and one 5 ghz band wireless connection,neither of your adapters will see the 5 ghz band because they are not dual band like your router.
  2. You should be broadcasting in mixed mode wireless g and n , check your settings.
  3. Then which network adapter should i get? The Dlink dw160?
    And if that is the case, why MAC OS ( not the desktop) can detect the N but the window 7 64x ( on the same macbook) couldnt detect the N wireless even driver is up to date?
  4. so the dlink d160?
  5. The Dlink dw160

    This is a ^ dual band it will see both networks.One of the networks is 2.4ghz and the other is 5 ghz this adapter will see both.
  6. My router setting mode is Up to 270mpbs at 5.0ghz and up to 54 at 2.4ghz.
    The 11N channel has 4 options:
    -36/ 5.18 ghz
    -44/ 5.220 ghz
    -149 /5.74
    -157 /5.75
    the 11G channel is set to be auto
    It set to be 36 but i dont know what the rest do. I tried to switch it but nothing seem to happen.
    So for clarification, my USB 2.0 wireless adapter is only able to see either G or N wireless, and in this case, it only picks up the G wireless but not the N. So, on the same note, i have to buy the dual band adapter in order to connect to the N wireless?
    If that is the case, which do you recommend?
  7. Look like i have to order a new one, but i still dont understand why the mini usb couldnt pick up n-wireless after all -_-
  8. BTW the adapter you showed me is sold out on amazon and newegg. Sigh

    It should operate at n speeds if router is setup correctly,but it won't see the 5ghz network
  10. What do you mean by setting up correctly?
  11. inspiron P35G 5423
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