WRT54G Lag spike issues.

Ok so I just bought a brand new ( lol ) WRT54G router and I am running into a lot of problems with it. First off I am a major pc gamer and the worst thing to any gamer is lag. I am talking like 80ms to 400ms and its totally random. It just happens for no apparent reason and I have tried to problem solve it for weeks and just running into blanks. Another thin, youtube just lags hard. I can't watch videos in 360p, 480p just in 720p, weird I know. So the real questions I am trying to ask is how I can stop this lag spiking issue. Oh I play league of legends so when I get 400ms random spikes it take a lot to not rage at the little blue box.

My specs are as follows:

Router: WRT54g
Cable Provider: Brighthouse 20mb
Modem: TM502G/TW-R

As always thats for any support in this matter and ill be around so clear up any questions on the subject.
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  1. What version of the WRT54G do you have? If you have a V5, there's your problem.

    For whatever reason, with the V5, Linksys decided to remove the hackability "feature", switching to the proprietary VxWorks embedded operating system that is used in other consumer networking products. The V5 also halves the amount of both RAM and flash memory to 8 and 2 MB respectively, which according to the LinuxDevices article lets Linksys come out ahead in cost reduction even with the additional cost of the VxWorks license fee.
  2. Well that sucks how can I check to see what version I have. Also I forgot to mention that I have a WRT54GS but one of the ports is busted and I still have the same lag spikes on it also and its for all the computers on the network not just mine.
  3. It should tell you on the bottom of the router, next to the model number. If your still having lag spikes with the other router then it's your ISP. Your not connecting over wireless by any chance are you? If you are, that's the problem as wireless is high latency.
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