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so we had a little family get together at my house which involved 2 smart phones and an iphone-(people were browsing using our unsecured router) and now the wireless router is not recognized by our pc's; it's like the wireless address just disappeared
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  1. It sounds like the phones may have used conflicting addresses that disconnected your computers from the network.

    What OS and version are your computers running? Assuming that you are running Windows on the pcs, what information do you get when you type ipconfig into the command prompt window? Are the wireless cards showing up as working properly in the device manager?

    From a PC attached to your router open the router configuration pages and check the settings for the gateway address and insure that the DHCP service is on and has enough addresses available for assignment to handle at least 5 attached devices.

    And unless you are in the middle of nowhere, far from any neighbors, turn on WPA2 security on your wireless, turn off WPS if possible, and change your router ID and password -- write all information down as you will need it again.
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