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Heres an easy qeustion for my insuperior computer knowledge
Im going to hook up a RAID 0 system for the first time and im using GA-7VRXP motherboard and two maxtor 20gb 7200 ata/133 I simply dont know how im going to need to hookup it up and the manual seems a little vague, there are 4 master ide ports and the manual i saw online says that 3 and 4 are for RAID, so using two harddisks do i just hook up one of them as a master to IDE 1 and the other to say IDE 3? or both of them as masters solely on IDE 3 & 4 and what about my cd drive and dvd, just throw them on as secondary anywhere? I need some help to what i think should be an easy answer
Thanks, all help is appreciated
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  1. My suggestion would be to hook up each drive as a master on channel 3 and 4. Use channel 1 and 2 for you CD drives or burners. Once you have it setup goto the RAID BIOS and stripe the set and then install windows.

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  2. thats what i figured, just wanted to make sure
  3. no prob =)

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