Router connection OK, IE8 cannot connect

I have Verizon Fios. My laptop connects wireless to router and can get to the internet. The laptop can also work wired to router. My desktop connects to router OK, but can't get to internet. I reinstalled IE8. I can put in the router address and connect to router. I can ping between laptop and desktop. IE says it's waiting for whatever address I type in, says Done, then goes waiting for It always comes back either The address is not valid, or Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage.
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  1. Go to Start > Cmd type in " Ipconfig /all"

    That's Ipconfig forwardslash space all...

    Are you getting an Ipadddress in the DNS server field?

    Also are you running any kind of Internet security software or firewalls besides the built in windows one , which I'm sure you're reset to defaults by now.
  2. Yes, I had an IP address in the DNS server field. Yes, I had internet security, turned it off. Firewall was off. Defaults reset.
    But frustration got the best of me. I did the big ctrl-alt-del, put in the recovery CDs, and now it's working.
    Thanks for your help.
  3. NP.
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