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Hi, I was looking at getting windows 7 home premium and I was looking around and a t someplace like Bestbuy it would be $200 and then at newegg it would be closer to $100. So I was wondering if one version you could install on more than one computer or what. Also I was going to get a SSD farther down the road and I was wondering if I have 7 installed on the regular hard drive do I have to reinstall it on the SSD or what? Also if I have to install it again does that mean that I have to go out and get another copy or can I use the same disc and install on both the hard drive and the SSD, at different time? One final question, if my hard drive was to fail and I didn't have the ssd at this point, and I got a new hard drive but it was different then the first one, but the rest of the computer was the same, could I use that same windows disc to reinstall it one that brand new hard drive or not? Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it.
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  1. all retail versions provide a single licence, you won't get any extra benefits from the more expensive retailer
    best buy offer is basically a ripoff

    and yes, you can reinstall windows as many times as you like as long as it's on the same pc
  2. So all the retail versions of home premium can be installed on only one computer. But just to make sure, you are saying that even if you take out the hard drive of a computer that has premium on it and replace it with a completely different one, you can pop another one in and put the disc in, install it, and it will all work fine? You don't need to go get another copy? Just asking.
  3. it's gonna work as long as you don't replace motherboard in which case you have to ring microsoft to reactivate windows
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