Windows 7 dw1501 wifi cannot detect ipad 2


Help - I thought that you just turned on the IPad2 and it would automatically connect to my Dell Studio 5010 DW1501 WiFi Half Card to my new IPad2. No way, I have spent the best of 5 days trying everything including re-installing Windows 7 Pro including the latest DW1501 drivers, but to no avail. I just can not connect. I hear that there is a patch to make Windows 7 compatable with IPad? Anyone know what to do?
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  1. Sorry, but your question really doesn't make sense.

    What is your goal -- Internet access?

    Do you have a wireless router?

    Or are you trying to connect the Dell Studio that has a wired Ethernet connection to the iPad via an adhoc wireless network using the Studio wireless as an access point?
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