A switch or a HUB

I was wondering if you guys have any though of what is better for a small home network: a 100mbps hub or a 100mbps switch. I have heard that switch is faster than the hub And is there noticable difference between a 100mbps and a 10mbps hub!

Thank you
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  1. What is purpose of the network? If you use the network for transfering large files than there will be a big difference. If you only use it for ICS than you will not notice any difference.
  2. I'd say go with a switch...
    it's really not much of a price difference between
    a 4prot switch, and a 4port hub (i dunno, 20 bucks?)
    i think if you planning to do some LAN games,
    you better get a switch

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  3. Essentially what a switch does is manage the data better and give you better throughput. If you're going to be using your network heavily at times, I'd say go for the switch.

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  4. -----------------
    | [1] [2] [3] [4] |

    the above painting-try should be a 4-port hub/switch.

    if machine1 connected on port1 wants to send a packet to machine4 on port 4, the hub forwards the packet to ports 2,3,4 because he doesn't know where machine4 is connected.
    hubs don't store information what computer is connected to which port.

    the first time a machine sends a packet over the switch, it stores the information (based on MAC-addr.) to which port this machine is connected. it knows therefore which machines are connected to which ports. if machine1 sends to machine4 the switch will only forward it to port 4.

    the advantage is clear: if you have 4 machines and all are talking with each other heavily the hub will drop you the 100MB/s bandwith of two ports unecessarily by "spamming" with packets that are not for them. anyway, he doesn't know it better...

    as already said above, if you expect higher load more machines (e.g. mulitplayer gaming) you should probably pick a switch. if you just want to enable two computers to acess the internet a hub might be enough.

    whatever you pick, it should be 100MB/s

    good luck


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