Slow wireless home network - 200 KB per second?


I have a home wireless network that seems awfully slow (as said, I get about 200 KB per second when transferring files between computers. Here is my setup:

Linksys WRT54GL is router
1 computer is Win 7 64 bit Windows deskop
1 computer is Win 7 32 bit Windows laptop

The problems does not seem to be the router or the modem as I do get good speeds on the Internet (2-10 Mbps when downloading).

I did try changing the channel my router is on and that doubled my throughput from 100 KBps to 200 KBps. Shouldn't I be getting more than that though?

Any ideas kind folks?
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  1. 200 KBps is pretty weak. How far away are the computers from the access point? And how many walls/floors/big objects are in between as well?

    What are the NIC make and models? Is the router running stock firmware and updated firmware?

    Also, how are you transferring files between computers?
  2. computers are on different floors than router. have updated newest firmware. however, internet access speeds are good.I'm wondering if it is your last point, i am copying and pasting. do I need to ftp or something else?
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