Cannot discover computers in the my network but internet works.


I have a Belkin G wireless router. I have connected a Windows 7 PC using wired connection through Ethernet port.

I've also connected my Windows XP PC through wireless connection. And plugged in my internet cable to the Router.

Now I am able to access internet on both the PCs but I couldn't setup a network between the two computers for file sharing.

I have enabled DHCP.

Belkin Routers IP:

I have brought down Windows and 3rd party firewalls on both the PCs.

Both the PCs belong to the same workgroup name called "WORKGROUP".

In my Belkin router's DHCP client list, I can see both the PC's IP addresses listed. This means my router is able to see both the PCs. But the PCs can't see each other.

I've looking for a solution quite sometime now. Please help me figure out a solution so that I can share files between the two PCs.

Thanks for your time!
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  1. Thanks I followed all the steps in that thread. Still no luck. :(

    I can now see my wired Windows 7 PC in the workgroup of my Wireless Windows XP PC. But no matter what sharing settings change I make on windows 7, I couldn't access it from XP PC.
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