Powerline or Repeater?

Hi, i have a dell xps 8300 with a wireless card in it, but when i am gaming i experience internet lag. I have 2 solutions now, either i get a repeater or 2 powerline/homeplug adapters to fix this problem. but i do not know which one i should get.

As of now, my computer is in direct line of sight with the router which is about 10m away.

These are my options right now:

1. Repeaters:
a)TP-link 300mbps wireless N range extender

b)Aztech WL5563 wireless N range extender

Aztech's homeplug
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  1. Have you tried or thought of just getting a different NIC?

    I'd recommend a NIC with a directional antenna. Your current system's NIC probably has an Omni antenna.

    Also you could upgrade your routers antennas if they are external. And placement of the router is key as well.
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