Windows 7 client server 2008 cant connect to network

Hi, i have following problem. At work we have HP proliant ml350 server with windows server 2008 on it, 3x windows 7 client and 25x win xp sp2 clients. Network doesn't work, clients cant see each other, can't see server and server can't see them in network and sharing center. What could be a problem? Is ipv6 protokol on windows 7 opstructing a server or something else?
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  1. Have you checked n/w sharing center for n/w discovery & other stuffs,, check this
  2. Hi, problem solved!
    It was ipv6 protocol problem and windows 7 clients were overloading servers resources requesting ipv6 adresses and after checking off ipv6 protocol in adapter settings on win7 clients everything is working in best possible order! Strange..
    Thanks and best regards.
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