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I just purchased my first SSD, which I currently have installed in my laptop.

I'm curious to see how much an SSD will improve performance on my desktop computer, but I don't know how to boot the SSD without reinstalling Windows 7 all over again.
Is there a way to configure the drive so I could easily swap between computers and boot?
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  1. In Short NO.

    you cannot move an operating system from one computer to another unless they contain the exact same hardware.

    and even then windows may require re-activation.

    you can easily configure 2 different physical HDD's to be the OS drive for the SAME PC (laptop or desktop)

    e.g. standard spindal drive & SSD

    you will need to either ghost / clone the spindal drive to the SSD (if its big enough) or do a fresh install on the SSD
  2. That would be very difficult and highly impractical unless the hardware on both machines was almost identical. Each time you moved the drive windows would have to reinstall all of the drivers for every device and that would probably require several restarts. You're better off to decide which computer you want to use it in and just leave it there.
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