Partition question. HELP!

Hi Guys,

would it be reasonable/safe/advisable to do the following:

Create a 5 gig partition on my 20gig drive and backup essential data to it.

Format my main partition and re-install windows2000

reclaim my backed up data by merging the partition after installation is complete.

Any comments? I need to do this because I want to repair some oddities caused by a bios installation. My only worry would be with assigned drive letters and the like, if any partitioning guru can help I would be grateful. Thanks folks!
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  1. AFA I know you can't "merge" the partitions and retain the data. You'd have to copy the data to the other one first before you use PM to "merge" the partitions

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  2. i do that all the time...use partition magic and it fixes all the drive letters etc and copies everything from ur 5 gig partiotion over when u merge them...
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