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Hello, I have a bluray player with network connector (RJ45), we have wireless network in the house and the router is on the second level on the opossite side of the house, so a wired connection is a big no. Any ideas? I tried to connect using a game adapter but it didn't work.
Any suggestions and please a detailed explanation will be awoseme.
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  1. You need a wireless bridge though I'm not quite sure how to set that up. You would need a second wireless router near the blu ray player and configure it to work wirelessly with your main router. If this new router is positioned near your blu ray, you will only need a short ethernet cable to go between the new router and the blu ray player.
  2. what kind of router is the main router?

    do you have a strong enough wireless signal back at the Blu-ray player?
  3. Yes I do. I don't remember the brand name, I am using verizon Fios and its wireless router.
  4. You need a WiFi bridge, but unless the Verizon router is N-capable, I would not try to stream over WiFi.
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