Audio/Video Freezing Periodically in Windows 7 (Just Reformatted)

So I just reformatted b/c of this issue. I'm still having it. I have all the latest drivers (Nvidia, Realtek, etc) and no 3rd party codecs installed yet. My CPU is not overheating so, I am lost here. I think it's a driver issue for sure, but cannot figure out what to do about it or which driver it could be. Help?
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  1. Have you ran a mem test? Download bootable CD from that would be a good place to start.
  2. Thx. Will try
  3. Memory test passed, no errors. I still have the issue. Does it for both VLC/Windows Media Player for sure, haven't listened to itunes enough since reformatting to see bit it was doing it there prior to reformatting too.
  4. Think I figured it out as it does it on my other Win7 PC too. It's a Windows Update that does this, a recent one. I will go through and uninstall all the recent ones to find out which one is causing it and if I figure it out I'll post it in case others are having the same issue.
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