Help...I broke my router!

My internet has been very sluggish so after reading the thread about Router security and neighbors who might be stealing my internet connection via WIFI, I decided to check what kind of security I had. Turns out I have WPA and no unknown devices were connected at that time. Would like to get an email whenever a NEW device logs in...if that is possible. But while I was in there "futzing around" I did something terribly wrong. I followed all of these steps. Then I noticed that the router speed section had me listed at 145mbps. I had recently changed cable companies to one that provided faster interenet. So I figured I would bump that up to 300 mbps. The SECOND I did that, my connection refreshed and I was given this message in the NETGEAR administration panel:


( is managing this device.

I can no longer access any of my router settings. What did I do, and how can I undo it?
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  1. Open a Command window and type ipconfig /all into the black form then hit Enter. Do you see as the only device connected to the router? If so, yours is the computer that is managing the router's settings so typing into the URL bar in IE should get you in. If it doesn't, press the reset button on the router and start from scratch.

  2. make sure while you are futzing around in the router you connect via ethernet cable and not wireless
  3. Entered ipconfig. This is what I got..
    Media State: Media disconnected
    Link-local IPv6 Address: fe80::84ca:e09e:47cd:fe5d%13
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:

    I have interet connection, so I am not sure what this means.
    BTW Never used Ethernet cable. I didn't mean to Futz, just trying to check my security.

  4. One thing it could mean is that your address is 5 and someone else has 61 so they could be sharing your network - at best your bandwidth but at worst, your personal and private data. Press that reset button, take command of the router and this time, bar all addresses except yours. Set a strong WPA2 password with mixed alpha-numeric characters with some of the alpha being upper case.

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