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Yes, the title was meant to draw your attention but I do have a serious question... I have 2 routers the first is plugged into the telephone line and has a power-line adapter plugged into it the second router which is downstairs is just to extend the range, unfortunately I have a very poor connection (wireless) and internet often drops out. I want to reset the power-line adapter but but will this mean that the connection will be lost from the second router and it is just my computer that is wrong? My trouble is that I don't think the power-line adapter is working but it might be or... its just that the they both connect between each other wirelessly? Or do they both connect to each other wirelessly? both connections from each router are pretty poor. I have updated my wireless card as well. I am not resetting the power line adapter until I know the internet is going to be fine afterwards as my Dad needs it for his work.

1st router > power + power line adapter + phone line > 2nd router > wireless computers

HELP ME PLEASE!! please do not answer with get new broadband...
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  1. It better not be an actual phone line you are using to connect those devices. Also, the powerline devices are not wireless, they communicate over the electrical wiring in the house. If you remove the 2nd router, and plug directly in, do you have a connection then?
  2. That's the problem I do have a connection but a very bad one, I think to be honest it might be down to the broadband. I would love to directly connect to the router but the routers are in different parts of the house and I am not allowed to move them. Thank you for your help anyway but I think it must be down to the broadband supplier because it is very slow anyway.
  3. It could be your provider, especially if everything else works fine.
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    If you are getting your feed through the router your dad has. If it was the ISP he would also be slow.
    Your problem if the description is correct is obviously the transfer over the electric wires.
    Try unpluging it and getting it up again on both ends..
    There is often a very limited lifetime on the units so it might be just ending it life. Buy a new and see if it helps.
  5. Thanks very much for the reply Fred1Andrews and this is what I thought but unfortunately as long as my Dad has internet he really doesn't give a %&*# and I would like to reset the routers / unplug etc. but he won't let me. Good reply and i'm sure it would probably work but he just won't let me... and he needs the internet for his work so never mind I will just live with it for now I suppose. Thanks for the help once again. :)
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