What is teredo in network connections?

I keep seeing this teredo in my network checked and it hadn't been until recently. I deleted it but it reappears-checked?? And trust me I have no idea what it is or does??

I have a home network but each pc goes online individually-not connected on the network. At least they weren't set up that way.

I also would like to know on my pc's- what components ((only necessary)) do you have to have enabled for windows to start on:

Xp runs IE8 and also Vista runs IE9 both have there service packs if that helps..
I DO NOT like that Windows downloads all this crap on my pc!
I do not want silverlight or windows "live" running on my pc!

Can't I uninstall them and still use windows?

I'm sorry I just am frazzled...

I see way too many add-ons from windows running and I keep getting messages about IE8 using too much memory? I don't have that issue when I use firefox or google. Lately my ole pc is getting so SLOW-unclog all that old junk-scan n defrag don't work for that-

how can I do a really good clean or something to speed it up.

HELP I am not a tech savvy person...but I feel something is definately wrong?
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  1. Teredo is built into vista and win 7. It's not a virus or malware. You should be able to uninstall IE if you don't like it - same with silverlight.
  2. But what is it? Also i also have Teredo on my lap running xp.

  3. In simple terms, Teredo crates a tunnel that allow IPv6 to do the same advantages IPv4 has in terms of connecting to the Internet. It's been around since the end of 2006 and most people aren't even aware of it unless they run an IPconfig call at a Command Prompt.

    It doesn't take up much space, do any harm or get in the way of anything else s it's best left where it is.

  4. Also, silverlight and windows live are optional downloads and as such will not download or install on their own or via windows updates. You have to manually tell windows updates to download and install these. So, if these are on your computer, they either came installed on your computer when you bought it, or you told it to install them at some point.
  5. Teredo is an IPv6 over IPv4 tunneling mechanism. It is on by default in all Windows 7 installations, however, there are security concerns around it as it can pass through most simpler firewalls without being detected, and can be blocked if an organization uses a high-quality UTM solution with tunneling threat detection and mitigation.

    The usual recommendation for Windows networks is to turn it off via Group Policy Updates.

    From a command prompt one can do this to disable it:

    netsh interface teredo set state disable
  6. rob96run said:
    I keep seeing this teredo in my network checked ...

    HELP I am not a tech savvy person...but I feel something is definately wrong?

    I know this post is ancient, but I came across this particular ID today using a tool from Intel's website while searching for information about laptop wifi whitelisting within BIOS:

    Intel® System Identification Utility (Intel® SIU)
    Version 1.5....

    Wireless Networking Product Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC
    Driver Version 2007.12.419.2013
    Hardware IDs *TEREDO
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