Mouse being controlled by script/person?

At random times my mouse moves by itself clicks on around the screen I formatted and reinstalled win 7 but the problem has surfaced again. Haven't downloaded anything suspicious have no idea why this is happening. Did a full scan with Malwarebytes and nothing came up
- Rule out someone remote controlling or a wireless mouse
any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. try a different mouse to see if it still happens
  2. Try a wired mouse. Could be a neighbor with the same wireless mouse.
  3. back in school the computer technicians used to take control over are mouse when we were playing games, but they didn’t have full control so it was a battle to stop them getting to the close button. Anyway good luck.
  4. Used to have a Mouse that did that, I searched for ages and never found out what caused this, the only fix I found was buy another mouse.
  5. udg said:
    Used to have a Mouse that did that, I searched for ages and never found out what caused this, the only fix I found was buy another mouse.

    Its a wired mouse and could it be possible that there is some sort of script programmed within the mouse? its a random generic brand i got for 5 bucks in china rofl. Was your mouse the same kind or was it a name brand?
  6. windows 7 has it built in to let people remotly dial in and control your pc. you have to turn it off to be 100 pervent from hacker dialing in using standard ms home network. want turn off file and print sharing.
  7. Is it a optical mouse or the one with the ball? If optical use a mouse pad if its the other open mouse and clean the inside
  8. Laser mouse, also i just unplugged it and it kept on moving so rule the mouse out
    Is there any chance of a virus still being existent even thought i formatted my HDD?
  9. Have you swapped the mouse with another one to see if thats the problem?Also look to see if the mouse cable to see if its not torn...
  10. Ill try that now but its hard to find the problem right away since its at random
  11. If you do swap the mouse and it still happens then it might be the usb port that you are using.
  12. Call an exorcist. Clearly you have a devil mouse.
  13. Swapped mouse, still happening also disconnected the internet and physically unscrewed the antenna and it was still moving around. How the heck can this still be happening even thought i formatted my whole HD
  14. try unplugging your keyboard to see what happens
  15. Go to device manager and select ps/2 compatible then go to Resources and look under Conflicting devices list.. What do you see?
  16. Theres no ps/3 compatible mouse its just mice and other pointing devices i clicked on mice and other pointing devices and theres two?
  17. Yes..Check and see if there is an irq conflict
  18. [url=""]Happy

    What is your script that you need help with? Your code should be implementing a MOUSE_MOVE event listener where its event handler function dictates the rotationX and rotationY properties of a movieclip relative to the mouseX and mouseY properties.
  19. I think i've found the source of the problem. The mouse started to move and then I unplugged my wireless reciever for my keyboard and it stopped ( happened about 5 times) but i've got a feeling they can see my desktop. Is there a way to monitor all outgoing internet traffic from my computer?
  20. Your reciever is probably picking up someone elses mouse as stated above.
    One of your neighbors has a similar mouse or keyboard combo.
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