Question on adding second hd.

Hi all,
My machine has a 60 gig Maxtor ATA 133 7200 RPM hd on one IDE channel and my floppy and cd rom on the other. I have an older Quantum 4 gig drive sitting around that I think I'd like to add just to store my mp3s on. It's a Quantum Fireball CR 3.5 series but I can't tell if it's a ATA 100 or 133....I guess it's ATA 100 given that they haven't made 4 gig hds for a while?
If I add it will it slow down my system? I assume I slave it to the current one on the same channel as my current hd?
Tia for any info.
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  1. The 4 gig disk is probably an ATA 66
    However, I don't see why putting this disk would slow down your other ATA 100 disk. I would be like saying that cdrom drives (wich are mostly ATA 66) slow down HDDs...
    Thoug I'm not sure about that...

  2. Put it on the same channel as your cd rom.

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  3. i wouldnt be suprised if that 4gig drive was ata33 or even PIO/LBA.

    i would avoid putting it on the same channel as your primary drive... avoid any conflicts.

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