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Question on adding second hd.

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April 27, 2002 1:01:00 PM

Hi all,
My machine has a 60 gig Maxtor ATA 133 7200 RPM hd on one IDE channel and my floppy and cd rom on the other. I have an older Quantum 4 gig drive sitting around that I think I'd like to add just to store my mp3s on. It's a Quantum Fireball CR 3.5 series but I can't tell if it's a ATA 100 or 133....I guess it's ATA 100 given that they haven't made 4 gig hds for a while?
If I add it will it slow down my system? I assume I slave it to the current one on the same channel as my current hd?
Tia for any info.

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April 27, 2002 5:47:04 PM

The 4 gig disk is probably an ATA 66
However, I don't see why putting this disk would slow down your other ATA 100 disk. I would be like saying that cdrom drives (wich are mostly ATA 66) slow down HDDs...
Thoug I'm not sure about that...

April 27, 2002 6:33:27 PM

Put it on the same channel as your cd rom.

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April 29, 2002 6:20:45 AM

i wouldnt be suprised if that 4gig drive was ata33 or even PIO/LBA.

i would avoid putting it on the same channel as your primary drive... avoid any conflicts.

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