Weak signal with my router when I close my bedroom door.

I am new to wireless networking and recently bought the Cisco Dual-Band N900 Router (E4200) and place it my bedroom and the signal coming for cable network (if that matters of not). The problem now is that the other bedrooms upstairs are having problems connecting to this router wirelessly if I shut my door for privacy, as well as trying to connect downstairs is hard with a weak signal.

The way my house is build is there is no easy access to the roof or through the ceil to run wires to another WAP or repeater. How can I extend my wireless signal without having to run wires along the wall and ceiling that will be visible? Is it possible to place a WAP/Repeater outside my door that will pick up the signal strong enough to spread through the rest of the house?

By the way, we use both Mac and PC in our house.

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    Use a pair of powerline adapters to run the signal to an access point located where your signal needs a boost. A cheap router, like a D-Link DIR-655, configured as an AP with DHCP off, same SSID and passphrase, and different radio channels works very well.

    You do not want a repeater, doesn't really work that well.

    I use three Zyxel PLA 4205's to do this in one house for two APs and it works quite well.
  2. I went ahead and purchased the D-Link for $42 and will let you know how it works once I receive my package.

    Thank you

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