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USB 2.0 or firewire?

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April 28, 2002 4:53:39 AM

Not sure which one would be better..
USB 2.0 has the extra 48mb/s while firewire is at 400mb/s.

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April 28, 2002 12:25:10 PM

What do you need to connect?
April 28, 2002 7:43:21 PM

firewire is older and somewhat of a standard at mac, so there should be more devices to plug in, but some of them may not be "pc-friendly" I guess... newer drivers might take care of that, hopefully?
USB 2 is still so new that not many things make use of it yet, but that probably will change...
Myself I am going for a asus MB with both :smile:
But I agree with the former poster, what are you gonna hook up?

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April 28, 2002 8:28:10 PM

Well right now maybe try an external hardrive and cd-rw.... basically just wondering if usb and firewire are better than the regular ide?..
April 29, 2002 11:33:30 PM

'better' isn't really the issue, when compared to IDE.

If you need external portability, then USB2 and Firewire are the way to go. If you don't, IDE is always gonna be a lot cheaper and equally effective.

I'm going for USB2 on my next mobo, backwards compatibility with my current USB peripherals makes for a simpler system. Never had much to do with firewire.
April 30, 2002 12:53:28 AM

Well price isn't the matter here..
going for performance wise.....
Like would IDE have better transfer rates than USB2?
April 30, 2002 1:05:26 AM

IDE would have better transfer rate than USB 2. IDE also use less CPU than USB 2.
April 30, 2002 1:08:49 AM

Gosh I hate giving absolute answers (there's always some expert git who comes up with something I hadn't thought of), can't see how USB2 could be superior to IDE though. Not by specification anyway. External solutions never are.

Remember USB shares its bandwidth between all devices on the chain.

Also, a CD Writer is limited by it's writing speed, not the interface (except for external parallel port {{{shudder}}} & possibly USB1)
April 30, 2002 1:10:44 AM

Bugger upec said it better and so much more succinctly.
April 30, 2002 4:41:09 AM

Thx you two. haha upec makes it sound so simple and easy to understand...

Well you guys have any idea on the difference between ATA and IDE??
April 30, 2002 1:31:27 PM

ata is just a name for the level of interface of a ide divice

like ata 100 is udma 5 which is an ide device

what is better then a 7000 rpm, a 8000 rpm delta. to cause more noise to kill your ears :smile:
May 1, 2002 12:53:55 AM

Opps! See how dumb at this stuff..
okay I get it.
well would you see a great performance advantage between ata100 and ata133?