Connect wireless dongle and wireless router to a single pc

I have a laptop in my Office that connects to the internet via a USB dongle. The USB dongle is my only access to the WWW. (as there is no cable in the area)
I want to add a wireless LAN to the laptop using wired connection to a wireless ADSL Router in the adjacent building. (there is no ADSL available. Just want the Router for it's HUB capabilities)

I have connected the LAN port on the laptop to one of the LAN ports on the ADSL Router via a cable.

My plan was to then create a LAN in the adjacent building by adding wireless and wired devices (PCs, ipCameras etc...) to the ADSL Router.
When I attempt to setup the ADSL Router, the laptop sees the Wireless Router as conflicting with the wireless attributes of the USB dongle!!!!
What am I doing wrong? or Is my basic plan technically flawed?
Platform = Windows7
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    Your plan will work and you have several choices.

    Make your USB dongle the highest priority connection and allow it to obtain an IP address automatically as you do now. To change adapter priority go into network control panel, click on change adapter settings, hit the alt key to get the menu across the top, select advanced and then advanced settings, move your wireless to the top.

    In the network control panel right click the Local Area Connection, select properties, double click on Internet Protocol Version 4 to bring up its properties, then give it a static address after you have assigned it that address in the router either static or reserved dynamic.

    You should then be able to get on the Internet, and if you set the permissions and sharing (you must use both the sharing and security tabs to allow sharing) your wired network can share files.

    If you want all the devices to have Internet access you can either use Internet Connection Sharing or bridge the wired and wireless USB adapters -- just be aware that the bridge can be a security issue.
  2. Thanks Realbeast, I'll give that a go. Really appreciate your help.
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